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I've had such a good time in Denmark! It was an youth exchange called Mojn 2013 for an EU project called Youth in Action. We were 10 youths from each country: Sweden, Denmark/Germany, Romania and Cyprus.
For the first three days we had chosed a workshop, breakdance, global dance, music or circus. I chosed global dance, which was pretty much like showdance. Since this was not only for experienced dancers, but beginners too, it wasn't very complicated but I enjoyed it anyway as we had a great workshop leader and a wonderful group.
Our group on a performance. Not very flattering for me. Pic by Elina.
I've never been that kind of person who just an walk up to a person and be like "Hey what's up, can I join?", but this time I tried to get to know some people, and I succeed! Not only the swedish groups. I'm really happy that I took the chance, the ones I became friends with are so nice people.
In Aabenraa where we had a perfomance
One point of this youth exchange was to share our own culture. All countries had a presentation one of the days, and we all had to bring some traditional food. We swedes brought meatballs, pick 'n' mix candy, cinnamonbuns, kaviar and some more. I really liked Cyprus' halloumi *__*

And as I've already mentioned we had a couple of performances at schools and one at the place where we stayed (Knivsberg). It was a really good show with dancing and singing. I will put up a movie if I get the opportunity.
The breakdancers
Beside the dancing I've been socializing in general, playing billiard, table football, cards, dancing, we actually had a disco two nights too. Another thing worth to mention is the breakfast. Several kinds of bread, ham (which I don't eat haha), cheese, nutella, yoghurt, cereals, fruit, chocolate milk and so on. Wonderful.
Alicia playing billiard
Okay, I probably should stop here. I could go on forever, it have happened so much! So, to finish this post I want to thank everyone who participated. You made that week one of the best weeks in my life, and I really wish to met you all again.  If you ever get the opportunity to go on a youth exchange, do it!! The day before we went I thought "Oh god what have I done, I'll just be awkward and silent the whole week" but as said, this turned out to be one of the best weeks in my life and I've learned so much, it's an experience you really want!
So to end this, if anyone is intrested in seeing more pictures, I've uploaded everything at my Flickr. See you~

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