My small lolita wardrobe

So, I decided to make a wardrobe post at EGL (you can find it here), so I thought why not post one here too. I hope this makes up for the lack of posts, I got sick and wasn't able to make a 52 challenge post. But I'll two of them another week!

 photo wardrobepost-1_zps35ace904.jpg
My one and only OP, Angelic Pretty's Whip Magic. Also, my first brand piece.  photo wardrobepost-2_zpse201c642.jpg 
Angelic Pretty's Candy Treat and Bodyline's cake JSK.

 photo wardrobepost-3_zpsb4cf0a20.jpg
Bodyline's Candy skirt and Innocent World's Classical Chair. 

 photo wardrobepost-4_zpsb0979462.jpg
Cutsew from Bodyline and bolero from BTSSB. I've got a blouse but it's in the laundry.

 photo wardrobepost-6_zpsf4f4c0d6.jpg
From Ergi and handmade by girl in the local comm.

 photo wardrobepost-8_zps836151d0.jpg
Bodyline and H&M. Decided to not include my Dr Martens since they're a bit used... 


 photo wardrobepost-5_zps53668b07.jpg
Bodyline and Swimmer.

 photo jackkiti-1_zps80152b67.jpg
Angelic Pretty's Dolly short coat.   

 photo wardrobepost-7_zps8271fad0.jpg  photo wardrobepost-9_zps08303f07.jpg
What a mess... everything offbrand but the headbow. (Cute can kill, Starchild by Saffron, Tanantii, handmade by me... and so on). Socks and detachable stuff in the Baby bag.

So. That was it! ♥+I didn't include any offbrand stuff at it isn't very intresting. I hope you enjoyed anyway~

Preparing for the cold

I maybe should have done that before it became -25 degrees here... However, I have finally got a jacket that I can wear with lolita!(*´▽`*)I had a coat from Bodyline once, but I didn't like the material and compared to this new one it's actually pretty bad haha. 
It's Angelic Pretty's Dolly Short Coat in, as you can see, black and white houndtooth. It's too thin to wear in the winter here, since it becomes real cold, but it'll be great for the autumn and spring and I just love it 
The fluffy stuff is detachable! And I love how 60'-ish it is.
This was the first item I've ordered from Closetchild, and I'm so impressed by them! It was really easy even though the site was in japanese, and the package arrived 2 or 3 days after payment. Just great!

Package day

Package day, the best day of the week!
This time it contained one of my dream dresses, the Candy Treat JSK by Angelic Pretty in lavender. 
The print is so cute and detailed, so is the lace! 
More lovely lace, and you can see the ribbon that's in the back.
And here's me wearing it! It actually fit good even though it has no shirring! The necklace and bracelet is made by Tanantii, and the blouse is from Bodyline.

Hopefully I'll be able to get the matching headbow and maybe socks sometime! 

A new start

I really want to blog again. So why not start again now? New year, new start!
If I don't take the initiative to do something this winterbreak I think I'll start to rot haha...