My small lolita wardrobe

So, I decided to make a wardrobe post at EGL (you can find it here), so I thought why not post one here too. I hope this makes up for the lack of posts, I got sick and wasn't able to make a 52 challenge post. But I'll two of them another week!

 photo wardrobepost-1_zps35ace904.jpg
My one and only OP, Angelic Pretty's Whip Magic. Also, my first brand piece.  photo wardrobepost-2_zpse201c642.jpg 
Angelic Pretty's Candy Treat and Bodyline's cake JSK.

 photo wardrobepost-3_zpsb4cf0a20.jpg
Bodyline's Candy skirt and Innocent World's Classical Chair. 

 photo wardrobepost-4_zpsb0979462.jpg
Cutsew from Bodyline and bolero from BTSSB. I've got a blouse but it's in the laundry.

 photo wardrobepost-6_zpsf4f4c0d6.jpg
From Ergi and handmade by girl in the local comm.

 photo wardrobepost-8_zps836151d0.jpg
Bodyline and H&M. Decided to not include my Dr Martens since they're a bit used... 


 photo wardrobepost-5_zps53668b07.jpg
Bodyline and Swimmer.

 photo jackkiti-1_zps80152b67.jpg
Angelic Pretty's Dolly short coat.   

 photo wardrobepost-7_zps8271fad0.jpg  photo wardrobepost-9_zps08303f07.jpg
What a mess... everything offbrand but the headbow. (Cute can kill, Starchild by Saffron, Tanantii, handmade by me... and so on). Socks and detachable stuff in the Baby bag.

So. That was it! ♥+I didn't include any offbrand stuff at it isn't very intresting. I hope you enjoyed anyway~

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  1. You have a beautiful wardrobe, my favorite things are the IW chair skirt and your brown lace-up shoes <3