Long time no see

7 months has passed by and I have just been ignoring this blog. Since then, I graduated from compulsory school, had a nice summer holiday and went to Gotland and a convention, started upper secondary school, got new friends and the best boyfriend I could imagine, went to another convention and now I'm on christmas holiday.

Also I've gained some new lolita pieces!
Angelic Pretty engineer boots (second hand, first release, missing pearl chain), Tokimeki dot heart bag and 2013 Summer Collection catalogue.

As usual, Angelic Pretty's great quality and definitly worth the money imo. I do not regret getting these things. But now onto my recent outfits. I've only worn lolita at conventions lately. First two co-ords are from Närcon in July and the last two from Confusion in October! Using pretty much the same items in new co-ords, haha.

Dress Angelic Pretty, bag Swimmer, shoes Dr Martens, blouse Monki, accessories Chocomint, CCK & offbrand.
Skirt Angelic Pretty, blouse Bodyline, bolero BTSSB, wrist cuffs My Dearest Victoria, the rest is offbrand & handmade.
Dress, headbow, shoes, bag Angelic Pretty, blouse bodyline, rest is offbrand
Skirt, shoes, bag Angelic Pretty, blouse Monki, rest offbrand & handmade
And that's it for now. Only 2 days until christmas now! Happy holidays~

New in and other announcements

Hello! So uhm, I guess I kind of put the lolita 52 challenge on ice. Instead, I'll just blog whenever I feel like! Also, I started to blog on my old photography blog, tomikos.blogg.se! Go check it out, it's only in swedish but that's where I'm going to post my photos from Paris. (Which I also uploaded on my flickr, here).

And now onto the exciting stuff! Packages!! My very first brand new brand piece, which I will wear at my graduation for 9th grade.
 Sadly, pretty bad (but pretty) packaging

The content! Eternal Rose Bouquet skirt in pink. Released at the perfect timing, when I had my Powder Rose obsession.

The back~

I also got a Freshly Picked Strawberries bowl! I did not expect that but it was a nice suprise!

Did I fall asleep?

Hello! I'm that I haven't posted anything in weeks now... I thought that the lolita 52 challenge would keep me blogging, but apparantly not. However, nothing has really happened in my life. I've actually had a lot to do with school (awesome while we have national tests too -_-'), and then I have a social life too. 
I will probably make a video for all the weekly challenge posts I missed, so keep an eye out for that.

I have still been able to browse tumblr so here's what inspires me the most right now, so you atleast get something:

Click the picture for source~

March 8

It's March 8 which means that it's international womansday! Though having a special day for women is a bit odd, does it mean we're not dedicated the other days as men? I know we're far away from equality, even in a country as Sweden, but I know it will be better. And it have been worse. So today I say, kudos to every woman in the history who has fought for our rights, and kudos to you who are still fighting. I know our sisterhood can be stronger than the patriarchy.

Picture found on tumblr

Sweet Candy

Hello! Such a long time since I wore lolita now. So this is what I wore today. Finally it's warm enough to wear my new jacket, and our family were going out for lunch, so I took the opportunity and dressed up a bit. 
Jacket and dress Angelic Pretty, shoes Dr Martens, bolero BTSSB, blouse Bodyline and the rest H&M.

And something more casual, a couple of days ago when I went out with my friends for lunch. I think I have a thing for mintgreen.
Dress Monki, accessories Cute Can Kill, tights H&M.

I'm home

I've had such a good time in Denmark! It was an youth exchange called Mojn 2013 for an EU project called Youth in Action. We were 10 youths from each country: Sweden, Denmark/Germany, Romania and Cyprus.
For the first three days we had chosed a workshop, breakdance, global dance, music or circus. I chosed global dance, which was pretty much like showdance. Since this was not only for experienced dancers, but beginners too, it wasn't very complicated but I enjoyed it anyway as we had a great workshop leader and a wonderful group.
Our group on a performance. Not very flattering for me. Pic by Elina.
I've never been that kind of person who just an walk up to a person and be like "Hey what's up, can I join?", but this time I tried to get to know some people, and I succeed! Not only the swedish groups. I'm really happy that I took the chance, the ones I became friends with are so nice people.
In Aabenraa where we had a perfomance
One point of this youth exchange was to share our own culture. All countries had a presentation one of the days, and we all had to bring some traditional food. We swedes brought meatballs, pick 'n' mix candy, cinnamonbuns, kaviar and some more. I really liked Cyprus' halloumi *__*

And as I've already mentioned we had a couple of performances at schools and one at the place where we stayed (Knivsberg). It was a really good show with dancing and singing. I will put up a movie if I get the opportunity.
The breakdancers
Beside the dancing I've been socializing in general, playing billiard, table football, cards, dancing, we actually had a disco two nights too. Another thing worth to mention is the breakfast. Several kinds of bread, ham (which I don't eat haha), cheese, nutella, yoghurt, cereals, fruit, chocolate milk and so on. Wonderful.
Alicia playing billiard
Okay, I probably should stop here. I could go on forever, it have happened so much! So, to finish this post I want to thank everyone who participated. You made that week one of the best weeks in my life, and I really wish to met you all again.  If you ever get the opportunity to go on a youth exchange, do it!! The day before we went I thought "Oh god what have I done, I'll just be awkward and silent the whole week" but as said, this turned out to be one of the best weeks in my life and I've learned so much, it's an experience you really want!
So to end this, if anyone is intrested in seeing more pictures, I've uploaded everything at my Flickr. See you~

Valentine's day

Aka the day you feel more alone than usual... haha. But I baked 4 plates of pink heartshaped cookies, and eating them to celebrate is not too bad, haha. However, lots of valentines-hugs to everyone reading this! 

My small lolita wardrobe

So, I decided to make a wardrobe post at EGL (you can find it here), so I thought why not post one here too. I hope this makes up for the lack of posts, I got sick and wasn't able to make a 52 challenge post. But I'll two of them another week!

 photo wardrobepost-1_zps35ace904.jpg
My one and only OP, Angelic Pretty's Whip Magic. Also, my first brand piece.  photo wardrobepost-2_zpse201c642.jpg 
Angelic Pretty's Candy Treat and Bodyline's cake JSK.

 photo wardrobepost-3_zpsb4cf0a20.jpg
Bodyline's Candy skirt and Innocent World's Classical Chair. 

 photo wardrobepost-4_zpsb0979462.jpg
Cutsew from Bodyline and bolero from BTSSB. I've got a blouse but it's in the laundry.

 photo wardrobepost-6_zpsf4f4c0d6.jpg
From Ergi and handmade by girl in the local comm.

 photo wardrobepost-8_zps836151d0.jpg
Bodyline and H&M. Decided to not include my Dr Martens since they're a bit used... 


 photo wardrobepost-5_zps53668b07.jpg
Bodyline and Swimmer.

 photo jackkiti-1_zps80152b67.jpg
Angelic Pretty's Dolly short coat.   

 photo wardrobepost-7_zps8271fad0.jpg  photo wardrobepost-9_zps08303f07.jpg
What a mess... everything offbrand but the headbow. (Cute can kill, Starchild by Saffron, Tanantii, handmade by me... and so on). Socks and detachable stuff in the Baby bag.

So. That was it! ♥+I didn't include any offbrand stuff at it isn't very intresting. I hope you enjoyed anyway~

Preparing for the cold

I maybe should have done that before it became -25 degrees here... However, I have finally got a jacket that I can wear with lolita!(*´▽`*)I had a coat from Bodyline once, but I didn't like the material and compared to this new one it's actually pretty bad haha. 
It's Angelic Pretty's Dolly Short Coat in, as you can see, black and white houndtooth. It's too thin to wear in the winter here, since it becomes real cold, but it'll be great for the autumn and spring and I just love it 
The fluffy stuff is detachable! And I love how 60'-ish it is.
This was the first item I've ordered from Closetchild, and I'm so impressed by them! It was really easy even though the site was in japanese, and the package arrived 2 or 3 days after payment. Just great!

Package day

Package day, the best day of the week!
This time it contained one of my dream dresses, the Candy Treat JSK by Angelic Pretty in lavender. 
The print is so cute and detailed, so is the lace! 
More lovely lace, and you can see the ribbon that's in the back.
And here's me wearing it! It actually fit good even though it has no shirring! The necklace and bracelet is made by Tanantii, and the blouse is from Bodyline.

Hopefully I'll be able to get the matching headbow and maybe socks sometime! 

A new start

I really want to blog again. So why not start again now? New year, new start!
If I don't take the initiative to do something this winterbreak I think I'll start to rot haha...