Long time no see

7 months has passed by and I have just been ignoring this blog. Since then, I graduated from compulsory school, had a nice summer holiday and went to Gotland and a convention, started upper secondary school, got new friends and the best boyfriend I could imagine, went to another convention and now I'm on christmas holiday.

Also I've gained some new lolita pieces!
Angelic Pretty engineer boots (second hand, first release, missing pearl chain), Tokimeki dot heart bag and 2013 Summer Collection catalogue.

As usual, Angelic Pretty's great quality and definitly worth the money imo. I do not regret getting these things. But now onto my recent outfits. I've only worn lolita at conventions lately. First two co-ords are from Närcon in July and the last two from Confusion in October! Using pretty much the same items in new co-ords, haha.

Dress Angelic Pretty, bag Swimmer, shoes Dr Martens, blouse Monki, accessories Chocomint, CCK & offbrand.
Skirt Angelic Pretty, blouse Bodyline, bolero BTSSB, wrist cuffs My Dearest Victoria, the rest is offbrand & handmade.
Dress, headbow, shoes, bag Angelic Pretty, blouse bodyline, rest is offbrand
Skirt, shoes, bag Angelic Pretty, blouse Monki, rest offbrand & handmade
And that's it for now. Only 2 days until christmas now! Happy holidays~

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