New in and other announcements

Hello! So uhm, I guess I kind of put the lolita 52 challenge on ice. Instead, I'll just blog whenever I feel like! Also, I started to blog on my old photography blog,! Go check it out, it's only in swedish but that's where I'm going to post my photos from Paris. (Which I also uploaded on my flickr, here).

And now onto the exciting stuff! Packages!! My very first brand new brand piece, which I will wear at my graduation for 9th grade.
 Sadly, pretty bad (but pretty) packaging

The content! Eternal Rose Bouquet skirt in pink. Released at the perfect timing, when I had my Powder Rose obsession.

The back~

I also got a Freshly Picked Strawberries bowl! I did not expect that but it was a nice suprise!

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