Review - Lime Crime Venus Palette

Oh yes -  I got it! Lime Crime's Venus Palette, also called the grunge palette with "new-trals". Before it's release was announced, it had been put on the website without an e-mail notice... Hmm... But thanks to makeupsocial I heard about it and ordered as soon as I could! On the 31 October I ordered it, it was shipped on 7 November and I received it ten days later at the 17th November. Ten days from the US to Sweden is pretty good. The palette is sold for $42, and the shipping was $10.95 so an total of $52.95 is a good price, especially if we compare it to Swedens ridicoulously high cosmetics prices (I'm just going to tell you that Anastasia palettes are 495 sek -  $67 dollars!)

There's not one thing that I don't love about this palette. The packaging is gorgeous -  metallic gold details, the twist on Botselli's Venus with the blue hair and crown, the sunset shades and contrast blue. The packaging isn't just pretty, it's very sturdy also made in carton.

The palette has eight shades and every shade weights 2 grams, so it's $5.25 per shadow. Venus is a muted cold red with a sheen, Shell is a glowy peach, Aura a shimmery ivory, Creation a matte warm mid-toned brown, Icon a matte deep dark brown, Rebirth a peachy mid-tone orange with a sheen, Divine a matte light taupe, and Muse a matte deep red maroon. Due to horrible lightning (these photos we're taken in the middle of the day), the first photo is the most accurate representation of the shades while the second is awful, and the third is accurate too. The only one that I think is different from stock photos is Rebirth, which is definitly lighter and colder than I expected!

All the shades are smooth and has good pigmented, the only one with minor issues is Shell which seems to be a bit crumbly, but this is finger swatches without primer and I'm sure it will be fine over a primer! I will do a look with the palette in the weekend, so I can tell you how they perform then!
And finally, this is the backside with the ingredients and such, with the same beautiful details as the front and mirror. Worth mentioning is that Lime Crime is 100% vegan and cruelty free! Overall, this is a beautiful palette with a mostly warmtoned twist on the traditional neutrals, and it's definitly grunge appropriate shades as it is marketed as. But I know that you'd be able to do a deep, burgundy smokey eye aswell as a peachy, glowy halo eye with this! As a conclusion - I have not regret spending half of my student grant on this one second and it was love at first sight.

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