Makeup Swap

So a couple of weeks ago I made a post at makeupsocial, asking if anyone was up for a makeup swap! The first who responded was Sarah (@mlijeko), and we decided to do one! We e-mailed eachother, decided that we would get eachother 5 products, whereof one would be high end. Three weeks later I had a package waiting for me at Ica, and I could not wait to open it and see what's inside!

Shall we?
This is what Sarah got me! MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter in Light Boost, Catrice Liquid Liner in Dating Joe Black, Essence Crystal Eyeliner in Rosy Rush, Wet N Wild Lipstick in Cinnamon Spice and Essence Colour Adapting Powder Blush in Beauti-Fall Red (nice pun there).

Swatches of everything! Highlighter, Catrice liner, Essence liner, blush, lipstick. 

The highlighter is the perfect shade, though I'm not very good at application yet so I can't really love it... I need some new brushes. Out of all of the products, I think the Catrice eyeliner and Wet N Wild lipstick are my favorites. Eyeliner is an essential for me, all year round, every day of the week, and I'm a bit bored of my Isadora eyeliner. This new one is matte black, has a very fine tip and lasts all day! I love it! The lipstick is a gorgeous shade, a browney wine red. Absolutely perfect for fall and the pigmentation is great! I have yet to wear it out though. (I wondered how they thought with the packaging. Why can't I screw the lipstick all the way down?).
However, the Essence liner is gorgeous, it's almost like duochrome! I hope I get the opportunity to use it soon. And I know the blush seems boring, but just wait...

Blush swatch! It's supposed to adapt to your pH-level on your skin. Left most finger is maybe 30 seconds after application, middle is directly after application. It's shimmery white in pan. 

Believe it or not, the colour adapting blush WORKS! I've been skeptical to colour adapting products, it sounds gimmicky, but I'm seriously impressed. It doesn't show up well on the photo, but you can see that on my finger left most, it's way more pink than on the other finger and in pan. I'll have to take a photo of how it looks on my face, as it is really pretty! (The packaging is also really cute ♡)

Overall I'm super happy with this swap, Sarah is a lovely girl and has good taste in lipsticks! Making a swap can be very risky, especially if you don't know or have met the person you're going to do the swap with. I can say I was very lucky, but I really believe that most people are good people! So. if you want to do a swap, please consider getting to know the person first. And to make it a fair swap, decide an amount of products or an amount of money to spend. This can be a bit tricky as prices on makeup vary a lot country to contry, but you'll have to decide what you think is fair yourself.

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