Monthly favorites - September 2014

September -  the after birthday month, aka the month where I spend all money I get as a present! Well, half of it I spent on a Nintendo 3DS XL, but I have got some beauty things to show you also. 

 First I've finally got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. This is my first high end palette, and it's so amazing! The packaging, shades, quality - everything is on POINT! My favorite shades are Salted Caramel, Champagne Truffel, Cherry Cordial and Cremé Brulee.
My second makeup favorite is the Catrice Liquid Liner in Dating Joe Black. It has a very fine tip, opaque matte black finish, and is long lasting. It quickly became my favorite eyeliner!
For nails, I haven't actually used any perfect autumn shades really. I do have two autumn appropriate nailpolishes that I love though: Isadora Wonder Nail in 756 Aquatic, and Depend in 381.
Now when autumn has come, and the weather is colder my skin is a lot drier. So in kind of a rush, my mom got me Garnier Nordic Moisture Match for combination to oily skin. I thought it would dry me out like The Body Shop's moisturiser for combination - but it doesn't! It's just perfect!
Another thing that belongs to autumn is warm, cozy and deeper perfumes - I haven't invested in one yet but until then I'll use Nocibe EdT Ylang Musc.
Last but not least - my favorite game this month is without hesitation Animal Crossing New Leaf! I've heard about it all over tumblr, and I couldn't resist the cuteness and I finally got it.

And also, why not share my Youtube favorites?
NikkieTutorials super cool tutorial with the new Viva Glam Rihanna lipstick, and Samantha at Batalash absolutely gorgeous eyemake with NARS Persia that I need like, now.

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