Autumn break in Stockholm

This friday I went to Stockholm with my boyfriend! We didn't have anything planned, except my obligatory shopping, of course. We ate some very nice food (living 30 meters away from a japanese restaurant is ideal), went to get some Pop tarts for my mom, and then the big thing: I got to see Linda Hallberg! Definitly one of my favorite makeup artists. She was so nice and her makeup was flawless as expected!

But now, on to my little haul! Atleast two a month keeps the doctor away. Or something. I could not resist Sephora when I finally had the possibility to go there, and then I couldn't resist some more stuff either as always.
So here it is! My first gorgeous NARS product - Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla. Unfortunately it's too dark and too pink for me which I of course discovered when I got home, so I think I'll give this away. Chantilly seems to be the perfect shade for scandinavian pale but not scandinavian pink skin! I also went to Make Up Store to meet the amazing Linda Hallberg, and of course I couldn't resist picking up some goodies. First is the LED Lipgloss in Atomic! This has been very hyped about, and I guess you can see why! Though it is not very opaque, it is gorgeous over a dark base with its blue/green/purple shimmer! I also asked Linda about some of her favorite MUS eyeshadows, and she showed me Microshadow in Cupcake which is a dark brown with blue toned glitter. And last but not least I went to The Body Shop since I apparently had bonus checks to spend, and I got an eyeshadow brush, Tea Tree Spot treatment and their new Color Crush Nail Polish in A Grape Affair.

Here's swatches of Cupcake and Atomic. I love Atomic so much! I hope I can find an occasion to wear this soon...

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